Frequently asked question

Will it hurt ??

YES, all piercings hurt but its so quick that you will only feel pain for a second or two as the needle passes through the skin. Most people comment that the clamps hurt more then the actual piercing. You will feel discomfort for up to a week after the piercing but that’s normal.

Why does it get crusty and whats that fluid??

¬†Your piercing may secrete a clear liquid which could be lymph, which indicates a healing piercing. Lymph occurs when the blood goes into the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) and some leaks out into the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system divides the lymph into good and bad (the bad lymph goes into your lymph nodes, and you can feel them when you’re sick). You will recognize lymph because of its whitish-yellow colour and the crust it forms at the openings of the jewelry.In this case you should simply continue with your normal cleansing routine, to allow your piercing to keep healing properly.In most cases, liquid secreted from a piercing is probably lymph, though a thicker, odorous or darker liquid might be cause for concern.

How long until I can change my body jewellery??

You shouldn’t change the jewellery until the piercing has fully healed and this may take a while. Sometimes you may think that your piercing has healed because the opening of the hole looks fine, but piercings heal from the outside inwards. The best thing to do would be to go back to your piercer with your new jewellery and ask them, most piercers will even change your jewellery for free.

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